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Pitcairn DXpedition 2024
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Pitcairn Island DXpedition, September 2024
I'm planning to travel to VP6, Pitcairn Island in the Pacific, and be active between approximately 5th to 15th September 2024.

I will initially be travelling to Tahiti on the 31st August, stopping there for a couple of days and then travelling on Air Tahiti to Margareva Island (Gambier) on the 3rd September. I then take the Pitcairn Island's boat - the 'Silver Supporter' - for the around 30 hour trip to Pitcairn.

The return trip means I arrive back on Mangareva on 17th September but as the next flight back to Tahiti is on the following Saturday 21st, I'll be staying there for four days and plan to activate Mangareva as FO/G0VDE.

I should return to the UK on the 24th September.

View of arrival at Pitcairn
This is hopefully what I will see when I arrive at the island!
Many thanks to my sponsors:
Bill Rothwell G0VDE
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