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Pitcairn DXpedition 2024
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DX Commander make a range of highly portable vertical antennas, and I am very grateful that I have been donated the DX Commander Expedition, as it is ideal for travelling.

The Multi-Band Expedition System is based on the Expedition / SOTA / Portable Travel pole and uses up to 6-wire elements to provide operation on all bands from 40m to 6m. It's also possible to operate on 80m by making an inverted L element.
On my previous trip to St Helena, I took a Hustler 4BTV trapped vertical antenna, which I found worked well and generated good signal reports. DX Engineering have very generously provided me with another BTV antenna, and also the 12m and 17m expansion kits which they make, complete with the 30m extra trap and expansion pole section.
Bill Rothwell G0VDE
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